Friday, September 23, 2011

5 step lesson format

MAP prepping for the year has begun and the 5 step lesson format works tremendously well! At the beginning of the year, my students take a Math and Communication ARTS test to get a baseline score. Next, the student data is studied and areas of improvement are highlighted. Our Communication ARTS class is on a 7 day cycle, day 7 is MAP prep, and the the day 7 skill was verb usage. The 5 step lesson format was used to teach the verb lesson. The students were engaged throughout the entire lesson and of course, had fun!

5 step lesson format:

1. Ask students a question about the topic

2. Give students the answer to the question and use a gesture

3. Expand on the answer by giving examples

4. Play Yes-No Way and QT (quick test) to check for comprehension

5. Critical thinking-Genius Ladder, compare/contrast, letter writing

For more information on the 5 step lesson format visit and download the Model Classroom ebook.

Laura Caisse
2011-2012 WBT Intern

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