Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas break has arrived.....

Well, the countdown is over and Charistmas break has arrived! It is a very needed break for the students, as well as, the teachers! This week was a blur, as there were many special activities, a drama presentation, and assemblies. Add to the mix, my class and their WBT debut video. If you are interested, please visit:

I am proud of my students and I believe they showcased the 5 step lesson format in an appropriate manner. The critical thinking piece comes in as the students keep a moon journal and create a moon phase brochure. I love the 5 step lesson format and if you want more information please visit

Lastly, I am super excited for our professional development when we return from Christmas break! A WBT implementor will be presenting to my whole building! I know this Spring will bring lots of Mighty Oh Yeahs, as the teachers begin to use WBT in their classrooms!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Laura Caisse
WBT Intern, 2011-2012

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