Thursday, September 6, 2012

Changes Here, Changes There, Changes Everywhere!

Welcome back to the brand new school year 2012-2013! This new school year brings with it for our school district CHANGES everywhere, from the top down. Last year, unexpectedly our Superintendent passed away and all of our principals left the district or moved into a new position. We have new teachers in several classrooms and a "sea" of new faces everywhere! Change is good, but change is hard for some! One thing that will remain constant this year will be the impact that Whole Brain Teaching makes on my students and their learning opportunities throughout the year! I am so excited to be back in school and back to WBT!

A Drop of Joy to the end of last school year, my principal decided that he was leaving administration, heading back into the coaching arena, and back to the classroom! He came to my classroom one day and asked, " Do you think my middle schoolers would do well with WBT?" I smiled and replied, "Absolutely, how could you think otherwise?" We have kept in contact throughout the beginning of the school year and the WBT wildfire is catching in his building already after two weeks in school. During the first week, a teacher was walking past his classroom and heard him using the five rules and class/yes. She entered his room and asked if she could observe what was going on!!!! After seeing the student engagement in the lesson, she was excited and ready to learn more! So begins a new chapter of the WBT wildfire in yet another school district! How lucky are these students that they have teachers who are ready to learn all they can learn about WBT!!!!

It is hard to believe that next week, it is mid-term at my district! We are still practicing procedures and routines, including the five rules! Our grammar lessons have been taught using the five step lesson format and my kiddos just LOVE writing to the aliens on Planet Zork! I hope this finds your year off to a booming start full of WBT each and every day!

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