Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer: Reflections on the prior school year

I am officially on week two of summer vacation! I am so excited for the upcoming national WBT conference in Louisiana. The conference will be a great place to network with fellow WBT teachers and to learn from the experts. I look forward to learning all about the tools, new and old, that WBT offers, so that I will have a toolbox full of strategies for the upcoming school year.

As I begin to reflect on the prior school year and WBT, I do wonder how to make the class-yes strategy work as strong at the end of the school year, as it is at the beginning of the school year. In April, after our MAP testing was completed, the students began to check out of school. I continued to use different variations of the class- yes strategy, but it seemed to lack something. The students would respond back, but some students would continue to talk. We would repeat the procedure, sometimes a couple of times before the students would be ready to go. On some days, we would have to practice rule one at recess. I am looking forward to researching and learning all I can learn at the conference on how to begin strong with WBT, as well as, finish the school year strong with WBT. I am ready to take my WBT to the next level and make it all it can be for my students.

Laura Caisse
2011-2012 WBT Intern

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  1. Yes, I think we all experience some class-yes fatigue by the end of the year. That is why we have to keep themon their toes and chang things around!

    This spring I started using class leader and their main job for me was calling out "class" any way they wanted. I was shocked at how this one little change brought so much energy back to the classroom! After a whole year of listening to me, their peers took on the class-yes power! I have a post about class-yes here.

    I still had a few bad days towards the end, BUT these ideas made a BIG difference.

    I love WBT!
    A Whole Brain Teacher