Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Research: Power Pix

After attending the national conference in Louisiana and learning more information about the power of the Power Pix, I have decided that I want to incorporate Power Pix into my fifth grade classroom. There is only one problem...WBT has Power Pix for grades K-3. So what am I to do? First, look at the 3rd grade Power Pix and decide which ones correlate with 5th grade curriculum and then call my team members and get to work creating Power Pix for fifth graders! I am very blessed to work with a team of educators who are always willing to do what is best for students and their learning!

What are Power Pix?  According to the information on the www.wholebrainteaching.com website Power Pix, as you will see, employ all four learning modes, and are designed to solve a very practical problem, how to teach the state standards in language arts and math. Power Pix are pictures used to represent and teach State Standards. Each Power Pix should be printed on a sheet of computer paper. The picture represents the State Standard. Teachers hold up the Power Pix in the front of their classroom and teach the concept and related memory gesture. After students have repeated the concept and practiced the gesture, the Power Pix is placed on a classroom wall for frequent review.

As the year goes by, I can definitely see fifth graders creating Power Pix to add to the wall. To find more information on Power Pix visit http://www.wholebrainteaching.com/ and download the free eBook on Power Pix! Whole Brain Teaching Rocks and I love that students are continually taking their learning to new levels!

Laura Caisse
WBT Intern, 2011-2012

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  1. Have you started creating the Power Pix for 5th grade? Unfortunately, I do not have a very cooperative team. If you could share the Power Pix when you're done, it would be greatly appreciated! :-)