Sunday, August 28, 2011

First week....check!!

The first full week of school is over and WBT is in full swing. This week my students were introduced to the five classroom rules which they have mastered very quickly! We practice several times a day, as well as when the students need a reminder to redirect their behaviors.

Next, we learned about Class-yes, hands-eyes, and teach-okay. The students respond immediately to class-yes and hands-eyes. My class this year is a very quiet, laidback class. Teach-okay will be a work in progress, as my students are not comfortable being loud! I will be modeling, modeling, modeling, and modeling some more, so that eventually my students will feel comfortable with this strategy. I am also going to show a few of the YouTube videos, so they can see teach-okay in action.

Lastly this week, my class practiced triple repeat with line-line-line. I explained the procedure and then we practiced. At first, my students were taking 10 plus seconds to line up. After a few practice times, we lined up and the class made it in 5 seconds. So, the record on the board is 5 seconds for the week.

My entire grade level is on board and using WBT in their classrooms. This is going to be an exciting school year with WBT spreading throughout our building to every grade level! Please visit for more information.

Laura Caisse
WBT Intern, 2011-2012


  1. Sounds like you're of to a great start! What grade level is it?

    The Whole Brain Blogger

  2. Rand,

    I teach fifth grade! I am still trying to get my new students to come out of their shells!