Sunday, November 6, 2011

Super Improvers Wall

Last weekend, I went to my classroom to work and I put up the words SUPER IMPROVERS WALL on the back wall. First thing on Monday morning as the students began to arrive, it did not take long for a student to ask....What is the SUPER IMPROVERS WALL??? I casually replied, "I'll tell you more later!"

One week has gone by, student excitement is high, and I am ready to add the student nametags and color code to the wall on Monday. I am sure that the new additions to the wall will be noticed as soon as the students arrive in the classroom. After watching WBT TV 503 SUPER IMPROVERS WALL at , I am ready to explain the process to my students.

This week, I am also going to introduce the practice cards to my students. First quarter has ended and we are now in second quarter. I have a couple of students who are going to benefit greatly from the use of the combination of strategies.

Have a great week!

Laura Caisse
WBT Intern, 2011-2012

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